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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 76: Fantasy Forward

Wes, Tyler, and Cody play roster bingo and come up with some interesting takes on the Stars’ possible combos.

Dallas Stars v Edmonton Oilers
How will the Stars’ offensive firepower align in 2019-20? Let’s fight about it.

Welcome back to the summer series! The Dallas Stars find themselves with a tantalizing selection of players that could super-charge their campaign in 2019-20. This week, Wes, Tyler, and Cody get their fantasy on and project which pieces will fit where.

Up for debate:

  • Who gets a shot at the top six?
  • Who will get the first call-up from Cedar Park?
  • Will the Stars have a seventh defenseman, or an eighth?
  • Who plays next to Perry?
  • And how will the team solve the right-hand side?

How do you pronounce Roope Hintz? Discuss.