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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Fans Want Action At The Trade Deadline

Season ticket holders may make renewal decisions based on it, Sean Shapiro reports. Plus, get to know Joel L’Esperance, be careful what you wish for at the TDL, and more.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars are in playoff position in February, and Stars fans once again wonder if it can last. And some of their best supporters may base their ticket-buying decisions on what the team does, or doesn’t do, at the NHL trade deadline.

Sean Shapiro of The Athletic DFW chased a random mailbag comment to survey 100 anonymous correspondents with some form of season-ticket plan. He found a mixture of confidence and skepticism about the team’s next moves:

“I went to renew my season tickets for next season this past week, but am now waiting to see if (or) what this team does before the deadline,” one season ticket holder said. “If they don’t do much or anything, I’ll want to see a major organization shakeup. Management has had six years, and this is the product we’re getting in return. It’s inexcusable.”...

“Last season when they didn’t make a move you didn’t think to much about it, then everything fell apart,” another season ticket holder wrote. “So this season I want to see what they do at the deadline and would like to see them prove they are in it. I’m going to wait a bit and see instead of renewing right away.”

About 18,174 people attend the average home game in American Airlines Center, with perhaps 60 percent of them holding some form of season ticket, according to Stars president Brad Alberts. (The front office doesn’t make the exact numbers public.) Shapiro found that most of his correspondents – 56 of them – didn’t hesitate to renew. Others renewed, but with reservations:

“I very seriously considered not renewing after Jim Lites went on that profane rant. I’m a huge Tyler Seguin fan, couldn’t believe the slap in the face he received from Lites after re-signing at a discount price,” one respondent wrote. “Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that not renewing would feel like I was removing my support from the team. I care more about supporting the players than I care about not supporting the front office and all of their mistakes.”...

“I think the Lites situation was actually sort of interesting from a fan base perspective,” another respondent wrote. “It hasn’t really blown up in the organization’s face as badly as it could have.”

Eight respondents won’t renew, and their reasons may look familiar:

“I’m tired of us making trades and the justification being things like ‘he’s a veteran leader’ or ‘we wanted to add size’ or something,” another season ticket holder said. “Give me some efficiency, some possession, anything that justifies making the trade that I can see on paper.”

There’s much more under the paywall. [The Athletic DFW]

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