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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Mike Modano to Potentially Join the Minnesota Wild

The Stars’ legend might be returning to Minnesota to join the Wild in some capacity. Plus, the Blues keep soaring, Don Cherry doesn’t like fun, and more.

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NHL: NHL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After spending time away in Arizona with his wife and family, it seems like Mike Modano is potentially returning to the NHL. The Hockey Hall of Famer would not, however, be rejoining the Dallas Stars organization, but will instead be joining the Minnesota Wild:

[Modano] has hung around the Wild a handful of times the past three months. According to sources, Modano met with Wild owner Craig Leipold and his brain trust, including team president Matt Majka, back in December.

It’s all just speculation and rumors at this point, but Modano has apparently already talked to several Wild players about places to live and schools in the area. If Modano does join the Minnesota brain trust, it’s likely to be in some role in hockey operations:

One would think he’d either be angling for a president or executive vice president of hockey operations role akin to Joe Sakic in Colorado or Brendan Shanahan in Toronto, a front-office advisory role or very possibly a mixed bag of several roles inside the hockey and business ops departments.

You can read more from Michael Russo behind the paywall: [The Athletic]

Other Stars News

Andrew Cogliano has been struggling to score lately, but it seems like only a matter of time:

Dallas is dangerously close to slipping out of a playoff spot. So you know, just another spring for the Stars:

Around the League

The lone Central teams to play last night were the St. Louis Blues and the Wild, who squared off against one another. The Blues won 4-0, because of course they did:

Something tells me that Don Cherry doesn’t like fun:

But that’s okay, because the Carolina Hurricanes are taking it in stride:

Here is a cool story about the best hockey team in Arizona:


Someone call a doctor, because this is just sick: