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Dallas Stars Daily Links: An Inside Look at the Stars’ Moms’ Trip

Even though they lost both games, the team’s first moms’ trip was quite the success. Plus, the Stars can’t shake their scoring woes, the Anaheim Ducks make a change behind the bench, and more.

Sean Berry, Dallas Stars

Instead of doing their annual Dads’ Trip this season, the Dallas Stars decided to spend some times with their mothers for a change. Though the team failed to win either of their road games, the team’s Moms’ Trip could be considered a success:

“It gives the players a chance to thank their moms for all of the drives to the rink in the morning or holding their hands when things weren’t going well or watching them play so many games, whether it be college or juniors or however they got here,” said Stars GM Jim Nill. “It’s a nice thank you, and for the moms, it allows them to see what their sons’ lives are like.”

The trip was bittersweet, as the Stars’ video coach Kelly Forbes recent lost his own mother. The team honored her with stickers they wore on their helmets, as well as buttons worn by the coaches:

“It means the world to my family,” Kelly Forbes said. “It just proves to me how loved she was. The outpouring of support is a testament to who she was as a person. It’s been very nice to see. It’s been very emotional, but very nice.”

You can read more in Mike Heika’s piece here.

Stars Stories

Want to see more photos from Moms’ Trip? Of course you do!

You can run, but you can’t hide from the lack of scoring:

Central Census

While the Stars got Sunday off, the rest of the Central was hard at work yesterday:

Speaking of the standings...

League Links

Biggest news of the weekend was easily the Anaheim Ducks firing head coach Randy Carlyle, replacing him with an... interesting choice:

Bob Murray has never coached an NHL game before, but was this the right choice regardless? [The Hockey News]

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