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Jake Oettinger’s Game of Thrones Themed Mask

Always appreciate a well-done goalie mask design.

Montreal Canadiens v Dallas Stars
Ben Bishop’s been getting his masks designed by David Gunnarsson for years. Dallas Stars goaltending prospect Jake Oettinger followed in his footsteps with his latest mask.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Goalie masks are a facet of goaltender’s personalities. Some masks include very personal mementos, such as a child or significant other’s initials. Some celebrate the heritage of the wearer, such as a country flag or national icon.

Whatever the direction in which the design is taken, David Gunnarsson has been there to help bring their vision to life. He’s designed Ben Bishop’s lightning-energy glow-in-the-dark masks for years.

He also recently did a new mask for Dallas Stars prospect Jake Oettinger, who is in his first year of professional hockey playing for the AHL Texas Stars. The theme of this one is Game of Thrones, featuring light dragon imagery amidst the Victory Green background. Considering it has at least three dragons on it, could it be that Oettinger was Team Targaryen as he watched the epic come to conclusion this year?

Here’s a shot of what it looks like in action.

That green really, really pops.