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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Montgomery Apologizes for Benn, Seguin Criticism

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Plus, Corey Perry is set to play his 1000th game as the Stars take on the Flames, an open letter to Sergei Zubov, and more.

Dallas Stars v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Following last Sunday’s loss to the Winnipeg Jets, Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery raised some eyebrows when he called out the recent poor play of top forwards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. Yesterday during a media briefing, Montgomery apologized for those comments:

“I talked to them today,” Montgomery said. “You know what, I told them that I was emotional after the game and I made a mistake. We win as a team, we lose as a team. Not that I said their names, but everyone could figure out that I was disappointed with the outcome of the game. My mistake and I apologized to the team for it today, and I apologized to them.”

For what it’s worth, Benn and Seguin both believe Montgomery didn’t have to apologize:

“Coaches are allowed to say that stuff,” Seguin said. “I’m not losing sleep over it. I’m a great judge of my game too. I know when I’m not playing well. Obviously, results are needed in this game. I’ve been doing a decent job... I haven’t been finding the back of the scoresheet, so you respect the coach’s decision at all times.”

Benn said of Montgomery: “He’s right. There needs to be more expectations out of myself. We didn’t need an apology. It’s hockey, we’re all grown men around here. Leave it at that, we’re moving on.”

You can read more from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

Here’s the full interview from Montgomery:

And some more quotes:

For most Stars players, tonight’s match against the Calgary Flames is just another game. But it’ll be special for Corey Perry:

Mattias Janmark is doubtful to play tonight, so the Stars recalled Nick Caamano:

Around the League

‘Twas a busy Tuesday in both the NHL and the Central Division:

Perhaps the Florida Panthers were wise to draft goaltender Spencer Knight after all:

Remember when people thought Leon Draisaitl was overpaid?

Uh oh, spaghetti-o:

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is just around the corner. Here’s a Q&A with this year’s “slam dunk” candidate, Hayley Wickenheiser:


...and here’s an open letter from former Stars defenseman Craig Ludwig to who should have been another “slam dunk,” Sergei Zubov: