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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Miro Mania

All hail Heiskanen. Plus, Miro related highlights, Miro related quotes, and even more Miro stuff!

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New Jersey Devils v Dallas Stars

Yesterday, the NHL All Star Roster was announced, and Miro Heiskanen was selected as the lone representative of the Dallas Stars. He proceeded to celebrate by having arguably his best performance of the season.

Seriously, look at this goal by him early in the second period:

Flashy, right? Well apparently it wasn’t flashy enough, because Heiskanen decided to make the highlight reels a second time:

The rookie defenseman would fall short of a hat trick, but we should probably give him a save for the night as well:

The bar for Heiskanen’s “best game yet” was already sky-high. And he just jumped over it like it was nothing.

More Miro Moments

Here’s what Heiskanen had to say about his First Star performance:

Count head coach Jim Montgomery as one of the young Finn’s many fans:

Even Tyler Seguin is on the hype-train:

Seriously, he even joked about not wanting to go to the All Star Game since Heiskanen already is:

The hockey world was stunned yesterday. Only one word can describe this: wow.

“Wait a minute Tyler, what do the World Juniors have to do with Heiskanen?”

Why I’m glad you asked! Remember this soundbite from Sean Shapiro’s piece on Monday?

Jason Spezza once told me that the World Junior Championships were great because they were an opportunity to win free lunch from Europeans who thought their country would beat Canada.

Well guess who got the last laugh?

Other Stars News

Seguin might disagree, but you should definitely vote him into the All Star Game. I mean, do you really want [insert rival player here] to join the Central team instead?

Both Jamie Benn and Julius Honka were pulled out of the game early due to injury concerns. Here’s hoping they’re okay:

Are you pumped for the 2020 Winter Classic? The Stars are, and you should be too: [NHL]

Speaking of which, who do YOU think the Stars should play?

Elliotte Friedman weighs in on the whole Jim Lites situation in his latest 31 Thoughts: [Sportsnet]

Sean Shapiro put together a nice piece on Jim Montgomery and his relationship with his late father:

Central Census

The Colorado Avalanche were the only other Central team to play last night, and they dropped their sixth straight in a 5-4 loss to the San Jose Sharks: [Mile High Hockey]

Here’s the All Star roster for the Central:

And here are the aforementioned rival players that you definitely want to stay home in favor of Seguin:

(That being said, I kind of want Patrik Laine to go too...)

Now then, let’s just jaunt over to the standings and would you look at that?

Around the League

The All Star game will be without one of the league’s best, as Alexander Ovechkin has decided to sit this one:

A lot can happen in a calendar year. DownGoesBrown looks at teams that have changed their fortunes since the beginning of 2017 and some currently struggling teams that might compare: [The Athletic]

Speaking of struggling, can the Edmonton Oilers actually get worse? Spoiler: yes.


Man I love this kid: