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Stars Score Late, Fall 2-1 To Kings

It looked closer than it probably truly was, as the Stars returned to form on the whole “not playing a full 60 minutes of effort hockey” tonight.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When you feel like you’re watching deja vu:


When you realize that the fast-paced first period from Tuesday’s game versus the Tampa Bay Lightning was a mirage, a trick, a low-down, dirty bait-and-switch, compared to the effort given versus the Los Angeles Kings tonight:

When the Kings score three seconds into their only power play chance of the night off the initial face-off:

When you’ve just seen this team play another period of hockey in which a) they don’t take the obvious shooting option, looking to pass first EVERY SINGLE TIME seemingly, b) they don’t score for what feels like the 100th consecutive period of hockey, and c) you wonder why you’re continuing to care about this team anymore:


When you start to wonder what the definition of insanity is and whether anyone in the Stars organization has heard the same thing....

When the power play continues to be “shit” as captain Jamie Benn described it two days ago:

When the building boos the team off the ice after yet another scoreless period of hockey and having to watch the Kings extend their lead to 2-0 after 40 minutes:


When they have more point-blank chances in the first two minutes of the period than they’d had all game and then Tyler Seguin misses on a wide open net as the puck rebounded off the boards behind the net and right back to him as he stood there in prime position:

When the team hit two posts in the third period that could have made the outcome very, very different:

When you remember that Mattias Janmark used to be a legit scoring threat on breakaway opportunities/chances where he comes at the goaltender with speed....and now he isn’t:

When you wonder if the Stars will ever score (or win) again:

When they score to cut the lead in half with a minute remaining and you allow yourself a glimmer of hope: