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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Hoping “Something Will Get Done...”

Talks between the Stars and #91 have apparently progressed since Seguin publicized his frustrations. Plus, The Captain, new faces, and drinking beer out of the Cup.

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2018 NHL All-Star - Media Day Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

While talks of trading for Erik Karlsson this offseason have certainly been enticing, I think that most Stars fans would agree that re-signing Tyler Seguin is priority numero uno at this point in time for Dallas. Seguin aired his frustrations with the front office a couple weeks ago, and evidently his words had the desired effect:

“There’s been some dialogue now since the last time I talked to the media at BioSteel Camp,” he said. “I’m hopeful something will get done in the next little while.”

While that’s not the most glowing endorsement of all time, it is progress, and it sounds like Seguin really does want to stay in Dallas (fingers crossed/knocking on wood/throwing pennies into a wishing well). To leave you with happier thoughts, he also said this:

“I think I’ve earned things in Dallas that made it more of a fit. It’s home for me,” Seguin said. “I still envision being a Dallas Star.”

See more from Mike Zeizberger here.

Stars Stuff

Sean Shapiro delivered in his latest mailbag. [The Athletic]

We’re getting close:

Seriously can we just fast forward like a month?:

We have visual on some of the new faces in Victory Green:

That’s why we call him The Captain:

This is a moderately juicy nugget:

Sean Shapiro explains why Miro Heiskanen is ready for the bigs:

A little preview of the new Russian connection:

PSA in case anyone plans on going to training camp:

Around the League

Hockey players don’t take kindly to other athletes besmirching their sport:

Tuukka Rask talks China” is a sentence I never thought I’d see:

Canada legalizing weed won’t change how the NHL currently deals with positive tests for marijuana, which is to pretty much do nothing:

Might we see a message similar to this from someone who is very near and dear to our hearts soon?:

Apologies for two vice-related stories today, but I’m pretty sure the history of Stanley Cup celebrations is like 75% drinking beer out of it related: