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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Could Panarin End Up in Dallas?

The impending UFA apparently has Dallas on his short list, so could the Stars try and pull the trigger on a trade? Plus, Nate Schmidt gets suspended by the NHL, season projections for each NHL team, and much more.

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Minnesota Wild v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

This past weekend, the Dallas Stars made trade-rumor headlines once again when it was reported that the team is on Artemi Panarin’s shortlist of preferred desinations. James O’Brien made the case for Dallas being the best landing spot for Panarin, mostly because it would make the team incredibly fun to watch:

Adding a dynamic talent like Artemi Panarin wouldn’t just make the Stars better in just about any instance, even if it meant landing him in a trade. It would also make them way, way more fun to watch.

There’s a scenario where the Stars could have one of Benn, Seguin, Panarin, and Radulov on the ice at all times. That’s a grab-your-popcorn scenario.

Of course, we live in a salary cap world, and just like an Erik Karlsson trade, squeezing a Panarin extension in under the cap would be a bit tricky, but doable:

Imagine the juggling act that would be required if the Stars found a way to get Panarin and Seguin on the books from 2019-20 and on; the best-case scenario would probably call for the pairing to cost $20M, as much as management would instead love for Jamie Benn’s $9.5M per year to remain the peak price

You can read more in O’Brien’s piece here.

More Stars News

To pump a little bit of brakes on the idea of Panarin going to Dallas:

For those of you who like torturing yourself over the lack of a Tyler Seguin extension, the situation headlines Greg Wyshnyski’s Weekly Reader from last Friday: [ESPN]

In case you’re about to go stir-crazy from the lack of hockey, here’s some light at the end of the tunnel:

Around the League

The big news over the weekend was defenseman Nate Schmidt getting suspended by the NHL:

Here is Schmidt’s official statement:

And here is the Vegas Golden Knights’ statement: [NHL]

For comparison’s sake, here’s a look back at past suspensions for performance enhancing drugs: [NBC Sports]

I always like these little exercises, even if they’re completely pointless:

Here are some point projections for each NHL team this season, and whether you should expect the team to go over or under: [The Hockey News]

Finally, this was a rather enjoyable read, especially since you can make an educated guess at who the coach might be: