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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Cuts Are Coming

With the regular season fast approaching, the Jims need to whittle down the roster. Plus, old uniforms, GQ NHL, and more!

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s almost time, everyone. Less than one week from today, the Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes will drop the puck to kick off their 2018-2019 seasons. For GM Jim Nill and head coach Jim Montgomery, that means some tough decisions will need to be made in the next couple of days:

But more cuts are coming, probably this weekend. The opening-day roster, which needs to be down to the league maximum of 23 players, must be set by Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. CT.

”We’re evaluating every day, and ultimately (GM) Jim Nill will make that decision,” Stars coach Jim Montgomery said, “but with a few guys nicked and banged up we just figured we’d keep more bodies around, and we’ll evaluate again Saturday morning after the Blues game (Friday night).”

The players on the bubble have a few more preseason games to strut their stuff and impress the decision makers before Tuesday. See more notes from Mark at his usual spot. [NHL]

Stars Stuff

Here is the lineup for tonight’s preseason matchup:

A game that you can actually watch!:

A little housekeeping news:

I love Gerry Seguin standing up on the glass to watch practice:

Fantastic news:

Sean Shapiro delivers on Thursdays:

The Stars will be on The Ticket for the foreseeable future:

Around the League

The photos alone make this story worth checking out. I’m sure his teammates and opponents won’t chirp him about this at all, no sir:

I still don’t really see how suspending a guy with a locked-in roster spot for the preseason is a punishment:

While Corey Perry’s production has been down the last couple of seasons, finding someone to match how annoying he is will be a tough task for the Anaheim Ducks:

“Quick, we need some Maple Leafs content!” — the editors, probably:

I tend to root against the Pittsburgh Penguins at every opportunity (sorry, Logan), but I’m a huge Phil Kessel fan:

This is a super interesting read. I’m a sucker for athlete diet and workout regimen pieces:

The Whalers had some fantastic uniforms and the Carolina Hurricanes will be sporting them for a handful of games this year: