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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 70: Seguin, Spezza and Summer

In which Wes, Rob, and Logan discuss the very real struggles of the Tyler Seguin Extension Saga, Jason Spezza’s future, and more.

August is the deepest pit in the offseason. Come on in — we have punch and pie.

This week, Wes, Rob, and Logan weigh in on the (ow-ie, sting-y) burning question of the Dallas Stars’ summer of 2018: When will Tyler Seguin re-sign with the team...or will he stay at all?

There’s plenty more to discuss along the way, including whether another marquee trade can supercharge the offense, whether Jason Spezza can be the next Joe Thornton, whether GM Jim Nill is out of cards or has another ace up his sleeve, and whether Hall of Famer Gary Bettman will stop work before any of this can happen.

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