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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Seguin Situation

Talks between the Stars and Seguin don’t seem to be going well, and it’s important to understand why. Plus, a summer preview of Stephen Johns, RFAs who have yet to sign a new contract, and more.

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NHL: Boston Bruins at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As you might have heard, Tyler Seguin went on the record yesterday as being “disappointed” that he did not currently have a new contract extension with the Dallas Stars. Upon his comments going public, the internet promptly caught on fire, and many Stars fans used said fire to light their torches as they prepared to riot.

But before you grab your pitchforks to complete the ensemble, let’s lay some facts out. First of all, it seems that Seguin does not have any current concerns about the roster or the direction of the team. Rather, the issue at hand seems to be about the price:

Nill has said the negotiations are more about the market and where the market is going. He maintains that Seguin doesn’t have any issues with the team or the current construction of the roster.

The most comparable contract for Seguin’s camp is the one John Tavares just signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, which carries a $11 million AAV and is very bonus-heavy. But the Stars seem to be looking at an AAV closer to captain Jamie Benn’s:

According to multiple sources the Stars have had reservations in the past about paying another player more than the $9.5 million that Jamie Benn makes per season. Whether that’s still their view or not is unclear, but it’s an approach that likely won’t work in re-signing Seguin.

You can read more about the contract situation and lack of talks in Sean Shapiro’s piece here.

Stars Stories

Dying to watch some hockey? This might at least scratch your itch:

At the sled hockey game will be Stars defenseman Stephen Johns, who also happens to be the subject of Mike Heika’s latest Summer School piece: [NHL]

Here is some under the radar news from Monday concerning jersey numbers:

Around the League

After being bought out by the Calgary Flames, Troy Brouwer has found a new home with the Florida Panthers:

Jared Clinton writes as to why the one-year, inexpensive deal is worth the investment for the Panthers: [The Hockey News]

I wonder what fans from Minnesota voted for...

(Personally, I’d bring back the Whalers logo in a heart beat. Not exactly an unpopular choice, but there’s a reason for that).

Future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur is stepping down as Assistant GM for the St. Louis Blues, and it looks like he’s heading back home (metaphorically speaking):

Update on Henrik Zetterberg: the Detroit Red Wings captain has been confirmed to miss at least the start of the upcoming season. [Sportsnet]

Finally, let’s make things come full circle. Here’s a piece about contracts that should have been signed by now, only these are a bit more pressing: