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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Filling in the Free Agent Gaps

While the Stars haven’t made any huge splashes (yet), they have done some work. Plus, free agents, new Stanley Cup odds, and the Cup in Russia.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve entered the time of year where NHL content is not exactly plentiful, so the links are a bit abbreviated today. Here we go:S

So far, the offseason for the Dallas Stars hasn’t been extremely splashy, but it hasn’t included any contracts that could really come back to haunt the team later on either. Some of the signings have been a bit strange on the surface, but at least the terms have been reasonable. Gerry Fraley explains that the Stars have actually accomplished some good things so far:

There is one other, little-noticed element. The Stars have stocked up on spare parts, adding three players who can shuttle between the NHL and the minors on two-way contracts and provide depth for the organization.

Read more about Erik Condra, Joel Hanley, and Michael Mersch here.

Stars Stuff

Go Stars!

Around the League

Jared Clinton looks at the top remaining free agents (it’s, uh, not top heavy). [The Hockey News]

Having the Maple Leafs as Stanley Cup favorites seems a bit ambitious to me, though it’s not outrageous. I guess you have to appeal to the biggest fan base, though:

Between this and the World Cup, Russia is partying hard right now:

Pat Maroon looks like he’s going home. He should wear No. 5:

Or, not quite:

Go #RockTheVote, everyone (I told you content was light today):