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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Status of Centers

Taking a look at the contracts of the Stars’ middle guys. Plus, free agency updates and more!

St Louis Blues v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Friday, my friends! I can’t wait to get off work tonight, head home, and turn on some Step By Step and Dinosaurs on TGIF. Not the Mama!

Hopefully the following statement will soon be outdated as well, but as of writing, Tyler Seguin is closer to being the Dallas Stars’ third highest-paid center than he is to being No. 1. This, of course, is due to the misused, bad fit for Hitch’s system, and DBD commenter trade fodder that is Jason Spezza. Spezza was quite productive for the Stars during his first three years in Dallas, but his numbers took a precipitous dip last year after being relegated to the fourth line for much of the season:

Last season, Spezza finished with 18 assists, eight goals and averaged 13 minutes per game, all near his career-lows. Spezza only had fewer points in his rookie season and in the 2012-13 season where he only played in five games.

Personally, I think Spezza is a prime bounce-back candidate this season. He’s never really been a speed guy, so getting another year older may not affect him the way it does other players. He was never put into a position that would have allowed him to get into any kind of rhythm or develop any kind of chemistry with his linemates last year. Having said that, his contract is onerous and getting it off the books would give GM Nill some more flexibility for extensions and free agents. Also, I don’t really have any strong arguments for him rebounding next year other than “I think he could.” See more about the Stars’ centers here.

Stars Stuff

The Stars re-signed another goaltender:

Hmmm... The “Ambassador of Fun” seat has been empty for some time now:

Can’t wait!:

Former Texas Star Greg Rallo got a new gig:

Around the League

Free agency updates, trades, and transactions:

  • In what is undoubtedly the weirdest move of the offseason so far, the Chicago Blackhawks traded Marián Hossa — who no longer plays hockey because of a skin infection but has three years remaining on his contract — to the Arizona Coyotes as part of a seven-player deal. Chicago cleared cap space and Arizona received two guys who they think might be good at some point. [NHL]

I’ll throw mine in there too to sweeten the pot:

  • Ohhh boy... The Big Rig found some oil as Jamie Oleksiak received a three-year extension with the Pittsburgh Penguins at an AAV of over $2 million. [NHL]
  • Connor Hellebuyck will avoid arbitration as the Winnipeg Jets rewarded him with a six-year deal worth $37 million. [ESPN]

Several Stars will be involved in arbitration: