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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Karlsson or Panarin?

Who would actually make a bigger impact for the Stars? Plus, retired numbers, caviar Cups, and more!

While all the news rumors being floated about the Dallas Stars lately seem to concern Erik Karlsson, there is another free agent available who Josh Lile says the Stars might be considering as well: Artemi Panarin. Adding Karlsson would be great, to be sure, but is does he fix Dallas’ most glaring weakness?

We know Karlsson is the definition of elite. Trying to rephrase it any other way at this point is an exercise in futility. We get it. The question of whether or not the Stars need to acquire Karlsson still lingers. It hasn’t been answered other than “sure, why not?” Every team can use Karlsson, but is adding Karlsson the most pressing need the Stars have?


Given the Stars’ “secondary scoring” last year (the quotes are because it’s sarcasm, folks), Artemi Panarin might actually be a better fit for what this team needs right now:

I‘m dubious about some of the Stars’ numbers because I think there is a real “Ken Hitchcock effect,” but it’s clear Panarin would be the Stars’ top forward. Forwards tend to make more of an impact on a game than defensemen. You can see that with Panarin’s 20 GAR, which is third in the league among forwards, compared to the 14 GAR of Karlsson that leads defensemen.

See more from Josh at his usual spot. [SportsDayDFW]

Stars Stuff

This seems like a good article to revisit at this time of the year:

Saad Yousuf takes a look at Jakob Stenqvist, a Swede drafted in the later rounds of the draft (sound familiar?):

Around the League

Free agent things:

  • The New York Islanders made a couple of signings yesterday, bringing on Jan Kovar, a point-per-game guy in the KHL, and Ross Johnston, who bounced between the NHL and AHL last season. [NHL]

There’s a new The Hockey News podcast out if you’re jonesing for some puck talk:

The Habs have a new assistant coach:

Not my cup of tea — literally:

I hope this is released to the public at some point:

I feel like this headline is kind of misleading. The first paragraph talks about how some of the moves were good and some of the moves might not be, but hey, at least there were a lot of moves:

I’m pretty surprised that these numbers hadn’t been retired yet:

Neal Broten was such a stud in NHL ‘93 on Sega Genesis: