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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Ode To Texas Stars Fans

The Texas Stars aren’t “just” a minor league team to them. Plus, Stanley Cup wrap up!

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Considering that the Texas Stars are still a fairly new team (they started play in 2009), the dedication and support that they receive from their fan base is quite impressive. The immediate and sustaining success most likely has something to do with that, but the fans really show up for their team:

The past few games have made it clear how much the fans appreciate the team. For Game 6 of the Western Conference Final, Texas drew more than 6,000 in attendance with fewer than two days of notice to sell tickets for a holiday Monday, something atypical for AHL teams. The fans started the Calder Cup Final with a bang as well with a sellout crowd of 6,863.

Many of the fans also have favorite NHL teams, but they consider the Texas Stars their team as well:

“My fiancé and I both made the investment because we love the game, and we love the people that we meet,” season-ticket holder Tiffany Bates said. “We meet great people that make it feel like everybody’s family.”

Bates describes her hockey allegiance as, “my heart is with Texas and for the NHL I’m with the Capitals.”

See more from Saad Yousuf here.

Stars Stuff

No word from the team yet on this, but:

Some more internet sleuthing seems to maybe confirm:

Luds is out there doing great stuff in the community:

Razor has a sweet new ride:

Around the League (Post-Stanley Cup Edition)

Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky has a piece with some awesome photos of Alexander Ovechkin’s reactions Thursday night. [Deadspin]

The Ringer has a piece from long-suffering Capitals fan Danny Kwak. [The Ringer]

I’m not sure how anyone could be an Ovechkin hater, but they certainly exist:

Speaking of which, a vast majority of former players were very happy for Ovi:

In case any readers will be in D.C. and are looking to go to the parade:

This is pretty cool:

T.J. Oshie definitely got the flood gates going after the game:

If you were wondering how the Capitals determined their order to pass the Cup to each other:

Here’s one about the “losers” from the other night:


You can get some pretty decent odds on the Stars to win the Cup next year if you’re so inclined: