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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Happy NHL Draft Week!

There’s a lot to talk about as the hockey world descends on Dallas. Plus, up close with the Smith brothers, and fallout from the Galchenyuk-Domi trade.

NHL: Dallas Stars, Victory Plaza Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in history, it’s NHL Draft week in Dallas! The league (and the fans) converge on Victory Plaza on Friday and Saturday, June 22-23. Which players do you covet? Which storylines are you watching? There’s plenty to discuss this week, so here are a few appetizers to get you started.

Will Liam Kirk make history in Dallas? He could become the first player born and trained in England to be drafted by the NHL.

Who will make the top 10 overall? Your guess may be as good as anyone’s.

Is small the new big?’s Mike Morreale says more compact and mobile defensemen will get all the best buzz.

Your hosts, the Dallas Stars, have put together a teaser trailer featuring some of your favorite players as impossibly young junior-leaguers.

And here’s your handy reference for keeping track of the Dallas picks, courtesy of Mark Stepneski:

More Stars

Kari Lehtonen says he wants his family to be ready “for whatever the next phase in our lives is going to be.” Now the Lehtonens’ Preston Hollow home is up for sale. Does this mean free agency – or that, at 35, Kari plans to retire in Dallas and build a new home here?

Can we stop speculating about a Jason Spezza buyout? Chris Johnston seems to think so.

Get to know Gemel Smith and his brother, Detroit Red Wings prospect Givani Smith, in the Stars’ latest “Back Home” video.

And if you’re not yet excited enough about Sean Shapiro’s new Stars book, perhaps this image will help.

Around the League(s)

The 2018-19 regular-season schedules are coming out on Wednesday, June 20, and I’ll just leave this here.

This, too.

Outside of the upcoming draft, the biggest NHL story this month may be the John Tavares Free Agency Watch. Can new GM Lou Lamoriello hang on to the New York Islanders’ franchise center and undisputed leader? Dan Saraceni of Lighthouse Hockey has turned this saga into a sort of graphic novel of HSOs. It’s pretty cool.

BREAKING (the internets) yesterday: The Arizona Coyotes acquired Alex Galchenyuk from the Montreal Canadiens in a one-for-one trade for Max Domi.

These fans would like tell you all about it.

Like what you like, but the stats are a little, uhhh, lopsided.

In other news, Habs GM Marc Bergevin still has a job.

Sheldon Keefe is a hot commodity after the Toronto Marlies’ big Calder Cup win. How long will it take for an NHL team to come calling?

Sean Shapiro offers his own take, including some speculation on Derek Laxdal’s next challenge.

As if the Ottawa Senators didn’t have enough trouble, assistant GM Randy Lee has been suspended for his shocking conduct during the recent NHL Scouting Combine.

Greetings From Scenic Cedar Park

Mike McKenna, one of the biggest heroes of the T-Stars’ postseason, shared this heartfelt message on Twitter.

And Ringo the Ringtail bids a wrenching farewell to his playoff beard.


Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. You’ve earned a treat, but you’re getting Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall telling dad jokes. Enjoy. [NHLPA]