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Dallas Stars Daily Links: What Lies Ahead For the Stars

The Stars are taking some risks this offseason, but they might all pay off in the end. Plus, free agency discussion, everyone apparently thinks Dallas will trade for Lucic, and more.

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Stars All-Access

Since losing to the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Final 10 years ago, the Dallas Stars have been a rather disappointing team. They’ve only appeared in the postseason twice during that span, and only a single series between both appearances.

Whether or not the Stars can break out of this funk largely rests on the new coaching staff, headed by Jim Montgomery. Though he lacks NHL experience, there’s good reason to believe Montgomery can push the Stars to new heights:

The college coach who has to adapt to the NHL has a ton of challenges, and it’s very easy to imagine he could struggle, especially with a division that has some of the league’s best teams. But Montgomery’s aggressive style could be helped a great deal by what happened last season. He could be walking into the perfect environment to make that transition.

Not everything will be squarely on Montgomery’s shoulders, of course. At this point, GM Jim Nill really needs to step up to the plate if the team is going to succeed under a rookie head coach:

Likewise, management could be in a different place than last season. Jim Nill needs to be a different GM this year than he was with Hitchcock or Lindy Ruff. They were veterans who needed space to do things their way. Montgomery is a rookie who needs Nill’s help. It will set up a different dynamic throughout the organization, and the hope is a better dynamic.

You can read more in Mike Heika’s piece here.

Stars Stories

Now that their Calder Cup Final appearances are over, should AHL head coaches Derek Laxdal and Sheldon Keefe expect gigs in the NHL anytime soon? [The Athletic]

If you are going to be in Dallas for draft weekend, here’s a chance to watch a live interview with Stephen Johns:

Good news, everyone! Sean Shapiro’s book written just for Stars fans is now available for pre-order:

Around the League

We have our first trade of the offseason! The Montreal Canadiens traded Alex Galchenyuk to the Arizona Coyotes for Max Domi in a one-for-one swap: [NHL]

The instant reaction to the trade seems to be that it was, uhh, not good for the Canadiens:

Here’s something fun to do — take a look at the top RFAs this offseason and imagine what it would look like if teams actually submitted offer sheets:

Here’s something less fun to think about: it seems as if John Tavares is now leaning towards staying with the New York Islanders, which means no Free Agency frenzy. [Sportsnet]

Could the Washington Capitals actually keep their Cup-winning team together for next season? Probably not, but it’s an idea worth exploring:

Speaking of the Capitals, Down Goes Brown explains why Alex Ovechkin showing emotion in his first Cup win is good for the sport in his latest Grab Bag. [Vice Sports]

Jeez, the whole Mike Hoffman and Erik Karlsson saga keeps getting more interesting:

In Matt Larkin’s latest mailbag, he lists the Dallas Stars as his “perfect fit” for a Milan Lucic trade. Eww. [The Hockey News]

It seems as if a Lucic trade is unavoidable at this point, but should the Edmonton Oilers even let Pete Chiarelli pull the trigger?


Okay, one last thing about Lucic, if only because it’s so cringe-worthy: