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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Marlies Blow Out Texas Stars in Calder Cup Final

Texas forced a Game 7, but were unable to come back after an early lead by Toronto. Plus, Kovalchuk watch is in full effect, the NHL will release their home openers schedule soon, and more!

The Texas Stars’ run finally came to an end last night as they fell to the Toronto Marlies 6-1 in Game 7. The Stars had a heck of a run. but ultimately fell to a younger, more talented Marlies team (the referees didn’t really help either).

Based on the 6-1 score, I won’t be putting the highlights up here, but Sean Shapiro has the breakdown:

Non-The Athletic subscribers can check out a recap here.

Stars Stuff

These hats are pretty awesome. If anyone wants to pick up an extra one for me, I’d consider it a personal favor:

This place looks cool, I’ll be sure to visit next time I’m in Dallas:

Around the League

Start making your plans for next season soon:

Kovalchuk watch is in full effect, especially in DBD land:

I think that everyone is curious as to the Ottawa situation(s):

Buckle your seat belts, folks:

Bring on the craziness (as long as Tyler Seguin stays in Dallas):

The Oilers signed a guy: