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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Texas Stars Take on Toronto Marlies in Must-Win Game 6 Tonight

The Cedar Park crew will try to extend the series to Game 7. Plus... not much else, to be honest.

Anaheim Ducks v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, friends! The Texas Stars take on the Toronto Marlies tonight in a must-win game. Other than that, yesterday was a pretty slow news day for Stars hockey and hockey in general. Have a good one!

Stars Stuff

I’d say Lou made a pretty decent choice here:

Getting ready for tonight:

Grip it and rip it:

Around the League

Following Alex Ovechkin around that night (and the ensuing days) would have been pretty fun:

Best save of the playoffs...who ya got?

Montgomery. So hot right now. Montgomery:

If you want to watch the Washington Capitals’ parade today, here you go: