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Dallas Stars Daily Links: From College to the Pros

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GM Jim Nill is following a blueprint that has worked in Dallas previously. Plus, playoff stuff, licking banishment, and more!

Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen!

As a long-suffering Cowboys fun (I was eight and had only lived in Dallas for a couple years when they when their last Super Bowl), I’m very hesitant to endorse anything that Jerry Jones does or has done in the past. However, he has done one thing that is unassailable — hiring Jimmy Johnson, who had never coached at the NFL level prior to his time with the Cowboys:

Can hiring a coach straight out of college work for the Stars like it did for the Cowboys?

Nill may be betting his job on it.

”The minute I met him,” Nill said of Montgomery, “he checked all the boxes.”

Jim Montgomery has never coached at the NHL level before, and many are actually viewing this as a good thing. There will be a learning curve, to be sure, but it is refreshing to have a guy coming in with new ideas and philosophies, not just the same old NHL retread coach that has been espousing the same things for the last several decades (by the way, this isn’t entirely a shot at Ken Hitchcock; it is the same for seemingly every tenured NHL coach):

But everything he cited Friday came back to new, new, new. Look at Tampa Bay, he said, which hired a former public defender in Jon Cooper. Or Bruce Cassidy, who once went from the Grand Rapids Griffins to the Washington Capitals. Or John Hynes, who, when hired by New Jersey three years ago, was the youngest head coach in the league at 40.

See more from Kevin Sherrington over at his usual spot. [SportsDayDFW]

Stars Stuff

Here’s a podcast from Sean Shapiro for your listening pleasure:

And here’s an article from him as well. I like the different perspective of looking at how Jim Montgomery was as a player rather than as a coach:

Keep shooting the Honka/Heiskanen news directly into my veins:

The Swedes are unsurprisingly making their mark as well:

I also missed these words from Jamie Benn yesterday:

Thoughts and prayers for Marc Methot:

Around the League

Playoff update:

  • This is weird. The Washington Capitals came back in the third period and beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-3 (two late empty-netters) to take a 3-2 series lead back to Pittsburgh for Game 6. [NHL]
  • The Winnipeg Jets took care of business in a big way on the road and smashed the Nashville Predators 6-2 to give them a chance to clinch the series back in Winnipeg in Game 6. [NHL]

This about sums up how I felt yesterday (even though I live in California and the first game started at 4):

Also, I forgot to put up Down Goes Brown’s Friday Grab Bag yesterday, so here you go:

There are some very tasty names on this list that I wouldn’t mind if Jim Nill had some talks with (although locking down #91 should be priority #1):

Maybe Brad Marchand was just confused about what the term “trading licks” means:

Apparently the NHL thinks other teams might try to get in on the action:

What the hell is wrong with some people:

Based on how it looked, I think it’s going to be not good for quite a while: