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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Texas Stars Advance To 2018 Calder Cup Finals

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The Cedar Park squad meets the Marlies in Toronto this Saturday. Plus, Vegas revels in a Game 1 win, and Tom Wilson isn’t in trouble, he is trouble.

Roope Hintz. Again. As usual.
Andy Nietupski/Texas Stars

Welcome back to the hockey week. Dallas Stars news was thin on the ground this weekend, so let’s cut straight to the part where the Texas Stars closed the deal on the 2018 Calder Cup Finals.

Roope Hintz is the name on everyone’s lips today, thanks to this sweet, sweet one-timer from the right circle.

The man of the moment described what it was like to win another series at home in overtime. “It’s awesome. I don’t know a better feeling.”

Goalie Mike McKenna, who has been riding a beautifully timed hot streak during this playoffs run, could barely contain his excitement at moving on. Meanwhile, head coach Derek Laxdal praised his team’s toughness and drive. [100 Degree Hockey]

“We’re going to the Finals!” exclaimed McKenna postgame. “I don’t think it could feel any better. We’ve battled all year long and haven’t had anything handed to us.”

Coach Laxdal added, “Our guys have been warriors. If you look at the overtimes, our guys have battled and persevered. We settled down and did what we do well. It was a hell of series. It had the making of going to seven games.”

Four victories to go.

And finally, here’s the 2018 Calder Cup Finals schedule as posted by the AHL:

Around the League(s)

What can the Dallas sports world learn from the Vegas success story? Tim Cowlishaw takes a look at what Sin City has done right.

The Vegas Golden Knights added to their home-record luster by winning a high-scoring back-and-forth with the Washington Capitals, 6-4. Game 2 begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday in T-Mobile Arena.

Fun series, or funnest series ever? Game 1 was everything fans expected and more.

With Brad Marchand playing Sir Not Appearing In These Finals, Tom Wilson seems determined to play the goon in his stead. Jonathan Marchessault wants the league to review this hit – how late does it look to you? [ESPN]

Yes, some fans were there for the Stars connection.

Lil Jon provided pregame entertainment, and Sean Shapiro (with a little assist from Kari Lehtonen) reminds everyone that his hockey fandom goes waaaay back.

It also provided the opportunity to get in a little good-natured ribbing about the general un-Vegas-ness of the league and its announcers.

Vegas’ already-legendary pregame productions are setting a new standard in weaponized derp flashy showmanship.

Yet hockey fans are quick to identify an opportunity.

Easily confirmed value: A little Michael Buffer makes everything better.

Meanwhile, the real testament to Vegas’ NHL success is the skyrocketing local interest in the sport.

Will lightning strike for Seattle as well? Commissioner Gary Bettman confirms that they’ll enjoy the same rules as Vegas, and the Board of Governors could vote on the expansion as early as this fall.


The Simpsons did it first. But then, The Simpsons did everything first. Enjoy.