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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Texas Stars Advance To Western Conference Finals

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The Cedar Park crew beat Tucson in OT to win the series 4-1 and move on. Plus, playoff updates, Conference Final previews, and more!

Anaheim Ducks v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, friends! The top section here will be light today — yesterday was fairly quiet on the news front, with the exception of the Texas Stars and some front office news in the NHL.

How ‘bout them Stars by the way? They advanced to the Western Conference Final for the first time since 2014 and are set to take on Rockford. Whenever I hear Rockford, I think of A League of Their Own. Anyways, enjoy the weekend and Vegas-Winnipeg tonight!

Stars Stuff

Joshua Friemel takes a gander at Esa Lindell’s season:

This looks like a pretty sweet deal! (Full disclosure: I have no idea who Chase Rice is):

It’s Miro Heiskanen season here at Defending Big D:

Around the League

Playoff update:

  • The Washington Capitals stole home ice advantage with a 4-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. They took a 4-0 lead before things got very slightly dicey in the third, but they were ultimately able to hang on. Momentum really shifted at the end of the first period when the Lightning appeared to even the score at 1-1, but the goal was called back due to Tampa having seven men on the ice. Seconds later, Alexander Ovechkin ripped one in to put the Caps up 2-0. [NHL]

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a new GM. He kind of has a young Rivers Cuomo vibe going on:

Several of Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts concern (Jeff Kovarsky voice) “your Dallas Stars!”:

Down Goes Brown has everything you need before the Stanley Cup semifinals in this preview:

Oh yeah, ESPN has some stuff as well:

The Ringer has a preview as well. I think they have like 100 writers on staff there. [The Ringer]

I mean, he didn’t have the best playoffs, especially against the Winnipeg Jets, but this seems to be a bit of an overreaction:

I do actually agree with most of what Dave Lozo is saying in this piece, although I dont think the comparison of backup goalies with relief pitchers in baseball is a very good one:

I find it very strange that you have to pay extra for Mike’s Hard/Mike’s Hard byproducts:

Texas Stars

Colin Markison cleaned up a rebound to put the Stars up 1-0 early in the first:

Travis Morin made things 2-1 before Tucson tied it up in the second:

The Cedar Park crowd was really embodying TGIF:

Texas didn’t want to get worn down before their next series, so they took care of things fairly quickly in OT (compared to that Lehigh Valley/Charlotte game the other day) to advance to the Western Conference Final: