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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Predators Blank Stars 2-0

The back-to-back and third period magic wasn’t there last night as Nashville won its ninth straight. Plus, stolen rings, injuries, and more.

Well, that was a frustrating one last night. The Dallas Stars actually kept up with the Nashville Predators for the most part, mostly thanks to a huge performance from Kari Lehtonen. However, in the end they couldn’t get any offense going and lost 2-0. Considering the injuries and the fact that it was the second night of a back-to-back, it wasn’t the worst loss in the world, but points are at a premium right now and it would have been nice to get at least one from this game.

The highlights aren’t great, but the recap and highlights can be found here. Lehtonen did have some awesome saves, so those might be worth a watch for you.

Mike Heika breaks down the loss:

As does Sean Shapiro:

Here’s Ken Hitchcock on Kari Lehtonen keeping the Stars in the game:

And some words from the aforementioned Lehtonen:

Finally, here’s the boys in the booth:

Stars Stuff

I have a general contempt for the Predators, but this was a nice move:

Scott Burnside has some injury updates for you:

This doesn’t sound good:

The Other 30

This guy- this is not my kinda guy:

This guy isn’t my kind of guy either:

March 6 will now be known as National Hat Trick Day:

Brock Boeser’s glorious rookie campaign has ceased and desisted:

Injuries abound:

In the same vein as the Predators honoring Hamhuis above, I had extreme contempt for Daniel Carcillo when he was a player, but I can get behind his cause in retirement:

This is a very Canadian story. I’m guessing this guy is Public Enemy Number One in Toronto right now, but I’m sure the Mounties will be bringing him in in no time:

Dangle of the night: