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Dallas Stars Daily Links: It’s Do or Die Time

The Stars need some very tasty home cooking over the next two weeks. Plus, Razor the poet, Mike Modano night, and goaltender interference calls.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Seguin borrowed a saying from (maybe, probably not) Richard Lewis when speaking after Tuesday night’s game:

“The road trip from hell is over, and now we go home,” said center Tyler Seguin.

Add “being succinct” to Seguin’s long list of skills, as that was one of the most painful six-game stretches that I can remember. Injuries may have played a small part in the Dallas Stars’ woes, but the biggest culprit was decent overall play that was sabotaged by compounding mistakes. Ken Hitchcock blames secondary scoring:

“We had players that really carried the ball in the last four games of this trip and we still couldn’t get wins,” Stars coach Ken Hitchcock said. “I think we have to have more people join the fight. If you’re not scoring, you’d better be terrorizing people with your work, and we did not get enough participation at the end when our big guys really played well.”

He has a point. Anyways, the Stars are practicing today before taking on the Boston Bruins tomorrow night. I think they are now officially in “must win” territory, as most prognosticators predict that they need at least 12 points out of the 16 available to make the playoffs. With the Mavs tanking, the Rangers pitching staff being comprised almost entirely of reclamation projects, and the Cowboys being the Cowboys, I’m choosing to remain optimistic, because the alternative is just to be a sad Dallas sports fan.

Stars Stuff

ICYMI yesterday on Defending Big D, Mike Modano will be having a reunion night after all, and on the home finale no less:

Here’s a lengthy interview with Alexander Radulov following Tuesday night’s loss:

Razor channeled his inner Pablo Neruda with this classic:

Around the League

We’re well aware, Greg:

Here are some cool plays, including one from local hero Radulov:

I don’t think that I dislike Gary Bettman with nearly the same fury that a lot hockey fans do, and I think centralizing goalie interference reviews is a good idea. Also, Throwback Thursday to one of Down Goes Brown’s best articles ever about awkward Stanley Cup handoffs from Bettman:

Here’s a little more:

For everyone out there that is interested in prospects and the future, this is for you:

The Stars have done their part to contribute to this cause:

Greg Wyshysnki and Chris Peters chew some hockey fat during their Wednesday roundtable:


The Hockey News has some midweek power rankings:

This was pretty impressive: