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Dallas Stars Daily Links: That Wasn’t Very “Fun”

Still no points in the fifth of the six-game road trip. Plus, playoff standings, Niemi’s possible trifecta, and USA gold.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Well, then:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ben Bishop is out for the foreseeable future:

Everything is terrible. Patrik Laine scored approximately his 57th goal against the Dallas Stars this season (actually the 12th in eight games against the Stars in his career, but who’s counting), and the Stars lost 4-2. Here’s the recap, if you’re so inclined:

The Stars

Deadspin is a website that doesn’t talk about hockey very much, but they did take the time to pile on the Stars a little bit over the weekend. [Deadspin]

I guess Ken Hitchcock changed his mind on how he felt about injury disclosure earlier this season:

Scott Burnside had a little chat with the JetsPaul Stastny prior to yesterday’s game:

Here’s one:

Here was Hitch before the game yesterday:

This is somewhat encouraging at least:

The League

Fairly busy day for #MDK yesterday:

Here’s some clarification on the reason for some of the Jets’ lineup moves yesterday:

Many Stars fans thought Antti Niemi wouldn’t be in the league much longer - if at all - after his Dallas tenure, but it looks like quite a few of us were wrong. Congrats on the perseverance, Mr. Niemi:

Evander Kane opened up a little bit on his career thusfar. [SportsNet]

Here are 20 thoughts for all of the fantasy players who are still in the hunt. [SportsNet]

Here’s the current playoff picture after last night’s action:

USA! USA! I wasn’t able to catch this game, but by all accounts it was pretty incredible: