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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Bishop Key in Playoff Chess Match

Terrible puns aside, Ben Bishop’s experience may be what gives the Stars the push they need. Plus, additional Reunion Nights, final Olympic stuff, and more.

Nashville Predators v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hello everyone, happy Thursday! Yesterday was a slightly slow news day, so the links aren’t as crowded as normal. However, tonight is a big game tonight, so go Stars!

To put it kindly, the Stars’ goalies for the past few seasons were not exactly postseason dynamos. Sure, Antti Niemi had been successful in playoffs past, but he seemed to have lost that magic. Kari Lehtonen had two playoff starts prior to his arrival in Dallas, losing both while giving up 11 goals in the process. All of this is to say that postseason experience is a major reason why Ben Bishop was signed this summer:

“I think having experience in the playoffs, in high-pressure situations, that’s good for any player,” said Stars general manager Jim Nill. “Certainly, for a goalie, it’s very important.”

It can be hard to explain why some goalies can succeed in the playoffs while others struggle, but Bishop thinks preparation and consistency are keys to success:

“I really do try to prepare for every game exactly the same. I think I need to do that for my own sake. It gives you a comfort that you’re going to be prepared, you’re going to be confident, so that’s how I approach it,” he said. “That said, you can feel the energy in a playoff game. Everything around it is crazy. But when you get out there on the ice and the game starts, it’s the same for me.”

See more at Mike’s place. [SportsDayDFW]

Stars Stuff

Pretty cool that Ralphie is getting a Reunion Night:

A little more on the Reunion Nights. Also, am I the only one dense enough to not realize that Reunion Nights is a play on Reunion Arena until like five seconds ago? Get it together, Adam:

I think all of the fans are still waiting as well. Some are perhaps dubious that it will happen:

To wit:

Okay, enough snark. Let’s have some nice thoughts. Here’s a palette cleanser:

Not related to the Stars, but an exception can be made for an absolute legend:

Around the League

Elliotte Friedman had some thoughts. Thirty-one of them, in fact. Many of them are some final tidbits about the trade deadline. [SportsNet]

This may be true, but I’m not sure that he wants to leave New York (the city, not the team):

This is heartbreaking:

Our thoughts and condolences are with the Staals during this difficult time. If you would like to donate to the Staal Family Foundation in honor of their daughter, head over to our sister site, Canes Country, and click the banner at the top of the homepage.

Still not over the women’s gold medal match from the Olympics? The Athletic has you covered: