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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Shine Bright on Retro Night

It doesn’t get much sweeter than a 6-1 win over a division rival. Plus the Stars made a minor trade, Denis Gurianov got a hat trick last night, and let’s talk about awards.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Man that was a great game last night, wasn’t it? The old style jerseys, the complete and utter beatdown of the Minnesota Wild: just about everything went great for the Dallas Stars. I bet it would have really sucked to get a text message about the game after it was over and realize you completely forgot about it, huh? Probably couldn’t even call a person like that a true Stars fan.

...Why yes, I definitely watched the game last night. Why do you ask?

Here are some of the post game interviews:

You can read other postgame quotes over at Mark’s place. [Between the Blue Lines]

Here’s a trio of quotes from the Wild that are pretty funny:

Don’t jinx it, but Kari Lehtonen has been on fire lately:

Of course he’s not the only Star dominating:

Meanwhile in Cedar Park...

Guess who got a hat-trick last night for Texas?

Guess it was just a good night to be wearing a Stars jersey: the Texas Stars also dismantled a rival, beating the San Antonio Rampage 5-1. [100 Degree Hockey]

You might have missed it yesterday, but Dallas made a trade yesterday that will probably only affect Texas:

Around the League

The good news is that the Stars won! The bad news is about half the Central did too:

The latest “overturned goal” victim? Sidney Crosby, and it was kind of going to be an important one:

Even Don Cherry thinks they need to fix goaltending interference calls, and it’s kind of scary to think that I’m agreeing with Don Cherry on something. [Sportsnet]

Can’t wait for the end of season awards? Like to gamble on sports odds? Either way, check this out:

Take a close look at those Art Ross odds for me, would you? Because you might notice a certain Pittsburgh Penguin there, and it’s not who you would think. [NBC Sports]

Finally, as the trade deadline approaches and teams have to decide on what to do, let’s turn the clock back on a kind of trade the Dallas Stars are familiar with: rentals for 1st round draft picks.