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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Taking Chill Pills

How the Stars unflustered approach has resulted in success. Plus, injuries, interesting outfits, and more.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Dallas Stars
Looking pretty calm to me.

Happy Sunday everyone! Just as a reminder, the Stars will be looking to Ca-shuck the Canucks out of town (sorry) early today- it’s a 3pm start for those of you in the Central Time Zone.

I know this gets referenced a lot, but last season was not great. Inconsistent play and an inability to hold leads was compounded by a rash of injuries that left the Stars discombobulated. This year, they’ve been more fortunate on the injury front (knock on wood) and have really started to put forth a stabilized effort game after game. Confidence baby, confidence! has really enabled this turnaround:

“Confidence, that’s what it boils down to,” defenseman Stephen Johns said. “We’re sticking together as a unit this year and having confidence, not only in ourselves but each other to get the job done. That’s huge. When you have that confidence and believe in the guy next to you, it makes everyone’s job a lot easier.”

Let’s all hope this confidence continues this afternoon and into the early summer. See more from Tracey Myers here.

Dallas! Stars!

Mike Heika has a few words on Kari Lehtonen’s recent string of excellence that continued Friday night:

A little postscript to what’s above:

This is pretty cool stuff (except for Brett Ritchie’s Blue Jays hat):

For people reading this early enough: Anytime I can get more Razor I’m all for it:

In case you want to know what Tyler Seguin has been listening to lately:

Glad to see we’re all on the same page here:

League Happenings

As Elliotte Friedman notes, this interview with PK Subban is aces. Gonna have to take a hard pass on that outfit though:

His brother Malcolm Subban is going to miss some time. [NHL]

As is Joel Ward of the Sharks. [NHL]

Lars Eller will be remaining in D.C. for the foreseeable future:

Down Goes Brown has some storylines (from yesterday) for you:

Corey Crawford might play, sometime. This reminds me of a story my mom told me where she asked a neighbor how long he would be out of town for and his response was, “five days or six months.”:

The Maple Leafs announced they will dress as snowmen for their Stadium Series game:

Vincent Lecavlier had his jersey retired by the Lightning last night:

If you’re craving some Olympic hockey talk, here you go. I probably won’t post scores and stuff from the Games on here because time zones are confusing to me but DBD might have something in the works as far as Olympics coverage goes: