Is Jamie Benn's Recent Scoring Slump A Cause For Concern?

Is "Beast Mode Benn" a real thing? - Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

On a discussion board a few days ago I made the assertion that Jamie Benn is not immune to scoring slumps and that he has them every year. This was part of a larger discussion where I was asserting that Benn is not the "every game, all-game Beast Mode Warrior" that some Dallas fans want him to be, and moreover, that he never has been. He has moments in games where he DOES assert himself and, as Razor would say, "DEMANDS the puck". Unfortunately, not every one of those moments results in a goal, or a big hit, or even a quality scoring chance. This discussion is NOT a defense of what his contract MAY look like in a few years, but rather, an examination of his history of scoring slumps over the past 8 seasons.

In assembling this information, I examined game logs for every game he's played since the start of the 2011-12 season. In that time, Benn has played 544 of the 561 games Dallas has played (97%). Benn has scored 222 goals (0.41GPG) and 301 assists (0.55APG) making him a 0.96PPG player over those eight seasons. Durable and dangerous, a good combination for Dallas fans.

The table below lists each season along with a total of the scoring slump "streaks" he endured during each of those seasons. I arbitrarily eliminated any "slump" of three or fewer games for both points and goals.

*Two of these four game streaks were interrupted by one game with a goal, resulting in a 1G in 9 games streak

**Two of these seven game streaks were interrupted by one game with a goal, resulting in a 1G in 15 games streak

s Strike shortened season -€” 41 games

What jumps out immediately to me is that even though Benn has many double-digit goalless streaks, it's hard to consistently keep him off the scoresheet. In that 544 game span, he's never gone more than six games in a row without being on the scoresheet. In fact he only has nine slumps that last at least four games in the past eight seasons.

On the goal scoring side, however, Benn has consistently had streaks of double-digit games without putting one in. Using 8 games as a dividing line (10% of the season), he's had eight different goalless streaks of 9 or more games over this span. Yet, he continues to produce at an elite level. Is it recency bias or just all of us seeing and remembering what we want to with regards to Benn?

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