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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Heiskanen and Lindell’s Budding Friendship

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The Finnish defenseman have become rather close as Lindell helps Heiskanen transition to North American life. Plus, fantasy hockey help, NHL playoff formats have always been terrible, and more.

NHL: Preseason-Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s all agree not to talk about the Dallas Stars game last night, okay? That was a bit too depressing for me, so we’re just going to pretend like it never happened.

Instead, we’ll focus on more positive things, like a new bromance between Esa Lindell and Miro Heiskanen. Having gone through a similar situation a few years ago, Lindell has done his best to help the newest Finnish rookie adjust to North American life:

“Yeah, of course, it helps, it feels like more like home,” Heiskanen said. “I can talk Finnish sometimes. He helped a lot with the apartment stuff, and other things off the ice. It’s been really good that Esa is here.”

The two players have more in common than their transition from Finland to Dallas, however. Lindell says that he sees a bit of himself in how Heiskanen is in the locker room:

“I had the same situation in the A,” Lindell said. “I think he’s gonna be more chatty when he gets more and more comfortable with things. In our language he speaks a lot. Like, I still don’t really like speaking in the big locker room, but that’s coming and you get used to (it). He’s a funny guy when we talk to each other. Maybe you’ll find out someday (in English).”

You can read more in Sean Shapiro’s piece here.

Stars Stories

Jonn Klingberg is finally back from injury. Could he help push the Stars over the hump?

And... that’s it. I’m serious, no talking about last night (comments included). As far as I’m concerned, the Stars didn’t even play a hockey game. Instead, I’ll pretend like they all went and played miniature golf. At least there the lowest score wins...

Central Census

Every team in the Central played last night except for the Stars and the Colorado Avalanche. It, uhh, wasn’t a very good night for division:

Bad news for a Wild team that’s already been slipping:

Around the Leauge

It’s a shame that sometimes the league’s best players don’t get proper credit because of where they play:

Here’s an early Christmas present to you all: fantasy hockey help. [ESPN]

It’s okay to dislike the current playoff format, but don’t act like it used to be great:

Wayne Gretzky’s goal scoring record could theoretically be in jeopardy, but Ray Borque’s record for defensemen might be untouchable: [The Hockey News]

Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews seem like fun guys:


I still don’t like Gritty, as I find him terrifying. But this is a Twitter thread worth looking through: