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Dallas Stars Daily Links: What is the Stars’ Identity?

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More than a third of the way into the season, do the Stars even know what kind of team they are? Plus, updates from the Central Division, another potential coaching casualty is on the horizon, and more.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Anaheim Ducks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What kind of hockey team are the Dallas Stars? In 2015-16, Lindy Ruff led a high-flying offense who would be willing to give up five goals so long as they could score six. Last season, it was the opposite, as Ken Hitchcock focused on defensive, shut-down hockey that would try and outlast opponents in low scoring matches.

But under rookie head coach Jim Montgomery? Who knows?

...There are still so many question marks about this team. With Montgomery the third coach in three seasons and coming in with no NHL experience, there have been expected growing pains. He has been honest in his assessment, and when asked what kind of team he has, he paused for a second.

”That’s a good question,” he said. “I can’t say we know what type of team we are.”

If there’s anything we can takeaway from the Stars, it’s that they’re a fantastic home team, sporting a strong 10-3-1 record at the American Airlines Center. And perhaps this return to Dallas is just what they need to get back on their feet:

The Stars have been an offensive dynamo at home, where they average 3.58 goals per game -- almost a goal and a half more than on the road. So if they can continue that pace and start getting some confidence, then maybe they can be a positive puck possession team.

You can read more in Mike Heika’s place here

Stars Stories

If I were you, I’d want to permanently erase Saturday’s game against the Colorado Avalanche from my brain. But I’m not, so here:

At least there was one good takeaway from it?

Want Razor or Heika to answer your Stars questions? Here’s your chance:

Central Census

It was fairly busy in the Central last night, with three different division rivals taking the ice:

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the former champs:

Look on the bright side, Chicago fans; at least you have this story to tell from the weekend:

This makes me a sad panda:

League Links

Key takeaway from this article — don’t root for Jason Robertson to win the CHL scoring title:

The Philadelphia Flyers have already made a GM change. Is a head coaching change next?

Finally, I would like to apologize to Taylor in advance for what I’m about to do the comment section: