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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Miro Heiskanen Exceeding Expectations

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The Stars’ rookie defenseman gets some time in the national spotlight after a strong start to his NHL career. Plus, upcoming problems for various Central teams, trade discussions, and more.

Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Most NHL fans aren’t that familiar with Dallas Stars rookie defenseman Miro Heiskanen. When it comes to the Calder Trophy race, they’re most likely too busy watching Elias Pettersson highlights or checking the most recent statline for 2018 1st overall pick Rasmus Dahlin.

But when it comes to the various analysts and writers covering the NHL, Heiskanen’s spectacular start to his NHL career has not slipped past the radar:

He’s 19 years old. That’s what blows me away,” TSN Analyst Craig Button said. “You know what’s interesting? The term ‘it translates to the NHL.’ What translates for him? His unbelievable hockey sense translates. He understands the game at a different level. It’s like he’s working on his Ph.D.”

The Stars have leaned on Heiskanen heavily ever since fellow defenseman John Klingberg went down due to injury. The rookie is currently averaging 23 minutes a night, a rare feat that surprises even him:

Since 2006, only six players have averaged 23 minutes per game or more. Some of the names on that list: Drew Doughty, Tyler Myers and Duncan Keith.

“No, it wasn’t my first thought,” Heiskanen said. “But there were injuries, and my game was going well. I expected to play this season, but no, I didn’t expect this many minutes every night.”

You can read more over at Greg Wyshynski’s place: [ESPN]

Stars Stories

There was a game last night. I’m not sure I want anyone to relive it, but here’s Jim Montgomery’s postgame presser anyways:

While it may not seem like it lately, Ben Bishop and Anton Khudobin have both been instrumental in stealing wins for the Stars this season, and how they handle breakaways is a big reason why: [The Athletic]

Winter is coming in Big D:

Central Census

In the only other Central game of the evening, the Chicago Blackhawks snapped an 8-game losing streak with a 6-3 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins: [Second City Hockey]

Still, that’s a pretty brutal losing streak, and it’s likely far past time for the Blackhawks to start looking into the future:

Alex Pietrangelo seems to unofficially be on the trading block. Which teams could end up vying for the St. Louis Blues captain? [The Hockey News]

Apparently Wednesday was Central Day at THN...

Here’s something that might cheer you up. Just, uhh, don’t look at the wild-card standings:

League Links

Call me a skeptic, but I’m going to go ahead and say Ken Hitchcock is not the best coach for Connor McDavid:

With the holiday freeze coming up, which teams are primed to make a trade in the near future? [NBC Sports]

With Drew Doughty locked up long term, the Los Angeles Kings should look at the Boston Bruins as an example of how to rebuild on the fly: