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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

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The staff of Defending Big D wishes you the best on this day of thanks.

We want to take the moment to wish all of our Defending Big D family a very Happy Thanksgiving. As you sit down to eat, drink, and be merry (and enjoy those tryptophan-induced naps!) we hope you know that we count you among the things we’re thankful for today.

The picture used here is of a pumpkin cream pie I made last night for my Thanksgiving dinner today. We hope you’re all having equally delicious grub today. I’m happy to provide a recipe if anyone is curious about it — the filling tasted amazing (who doesn’t cook and taste test along the way?)

To our international friends, we hope you have a wonderful Thursday. :)

We will return to our usual game-day content tomorrow, as the Dallas Stars take on the Ottawa Senators at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas. In the meantime, forget last night’s game, forget the season and the debates on player usage or roster makeup, and enjoy the time with family, friends, furbabies, and yourself today.