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We’re Looking For A Few Good People To Join The DBD Staff

We have some positions open!

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We’re looking for some fans to join us in covering the Dallas Stars.

This little labor of love needs all kinds - men and women, those that have played and those that are students of the game, from all kinds of demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We’ve got a wide variety of people contributing to this site, and we need passionate fans like you on our staff.

Here’s what we’re looking to add:

Daily Links Contributor

For those of you who have been reading DBD for a good while now, you know that during the season (and periodically during the offseason) we have a very popular daily feature that is basically a run down of all the links pertaining to the Dallas Stars, their affiliates, and general NHL news. These posts run daily during the season, are a great way to expose our readers to all the resources available on the web and are generally one of the most visited posts of the day.

We are looking for a dedicated Dallas Stars fan and DBD reader (or two?) who would be interested in contributing to the Daily Links feature, a great opportunity for someone who is looking to write about the Stars, and hockey in general, and provide an invaluable service to the DBD community.

The job will entail collecting links pertaining to the Stars and stories from around the hockey world and publishing a Daily Links post 2-3 times a week during the season, with some flexibility certainly allowed and expected. Here are some very important aspects of this position to keep in mind if you are interested:

  • Daily Links posts are generally published at 6 a.m. CT each day -- so any interested persons would likely need to be a night owl, or early riser (or even on the West Coast).
  • Each post would also include a short op-ed pertaining to the top story of the day, so some advanced writing skill and hockey knowledge is a plus.
  • Links posts generally do not take more than 30 minutes to an hour to complete, if done smartly. Retweet, bookmark, or email the link to yourself whenever you see something interesting throughout the day and it should nearly collate itself! And we also help each other out with suggestions, too. You know what they work makes the dream work.
  • This is a great opportunity to get into writing about the Dallas Stars and will almost certainly lead to an expanded role with DBD in the future. (Many of us on the staff started off as Links correspondents and have moved up to feature writers and editors.)

For those interested in applying for a daily links position, please provide an example of a links post that includes an analysis piece at the beginning and a roundup of 10-15 links of relevant, current news about the Dallas Stars, Texas Stars, or other NHL teams/general sport information. Extra points will go to those that change up their presentation and don’t just copy what we do today.

Game Day Correspondent

This position entails a few areas. Firstly, this person may take on some of the game preview work that I typically carry the bulk of during the season. This is breaking down the opponent for the Stars and what interesting storylines there are between the two teams, as well as providing readers with injury updates and potential lineups of the opponent as well as the Stars.

Another part to the game day correspondent position would be breaking news such as injury news, call-ups, etc. Having a flexible schedule or a job that allows you to write up a quick news piece and impact on the roster/player would be an advantage in this role. Think of it as a sort of ringer when most of us are not available every time that news breaks.

Lastly, game day correspondents will have the opportunity to volunteer to recap road games. You’ll need to watch games and write about them quickly, so hockey knowledge will be a key aspect to this position.

For those interested in applying for a game day correspondent, please provide a writing sample of either a preview for a Stars game against the Ducks at the end of this month, or a recap of one of the games the Stars play between then and now, or a breaking news story that could happen and the resulting impact to the roster (like maybe a trade for depth scoring, y’all seem to like to debate that topic).

Things happen, and life and our real-world jobs (the ones that keep us gainfully employed) are the priority for each of us. But this is a commitment of some of your free time, so all we ask is that you’re able to communicate effectively when things need to change and be able to manage your time to contribute consistently.

If you are interested, please send an email to with a brief rundown of why you feel you are best suited for the job, and which option(s) you’d like to be considered for. Even if you aren’t ultimately selected, we like to reach out to those that have expressed interest previously if openings occur later in the season.