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Dallas Stars Daily Links: A Line Change?

Jim Montgomery floated the idea of changing things up. Plus, fun, GMs, and more!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So happy it’s Thursday, everyone, because it means we’re one day away from the weekend. The Dallas Stars are on a semi-extended early season break right now with no games between Tuesday and Saturday. Since it’s early in the season and the players aren’t too tired or dinged up yet (fingers crossed), Jim Montgomery is taking advantage of some quality practice time:

Coaches often spout hyperbole about their group having the best practice of the year after a loss, about how the concerns were ironed out and the page has been turned. But Montgomery pushed the Stars through a series of drills designed to remedy costly errors that exposed Dallas against the Maple Leafs on Tuesday night.

Montgomery took note of some things from Tuesday’s loss that he thought needed to be fixed and emphasized fixing the mistakes rather than working on chemistry:

The Stars practice on Wednesday resembled a training camp one, where it mattered less who was playing with each other and more what they were doing. Plus, it’s not often teams can do conditioning drills at the end of a regular-season practice.

It’s encouraging to see the Stars’ new bench boss pushing his team hard to fix mistakes and at the same time really listening to their input and communicating. See more from Matthew DeFranks at his usual spot. [SportsDayDFW]

Dallas! Stars!

As mentioned, the Stars are taking today off after a demanding but productive practice yesterday. Apparently Jim Montgomery was channeling Gordon Bombay after Iceland beat Team USA in Mighty Ducks 2:

Here is the video evidence:

The boys in Victory Green will be back in action on Friday morning:


I wasn’t aware of this about Mike McKenna, but I can’t say I’m surprised:

This makes me feel old:

Around the League

There was quite a bit of online debate yesterday after the Nashville Predators’ banner raising earlier this week:

Ryan Kesler is back in action for the Anaheim Ducks:

Hopefully this still works today, because all of these stories are enlightening:

Down Goes Brown is so great at finding new angles and ways to analyze things without resorting to tired tropes or cliches:

This is really interesting. A Shapiro-esque breakdown:

DBD fans are quite dedicated, so I’ll set the over/under for players heard of on this list at 2.5:

I am a fan of fun: