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Happy New Year, Stars Fans!

It’s 2018 - and we’re ready for the backend of the Stars schedule. Are you?

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year to our fellow Dallas Stars fans!

We hope you ended 2017 living your best life, and welcome you to a new year of hockey in Stars land. Strap in, keep your hands and feet inside the rollercoaster car, and enjoy the ride.

The Stars will get right back to work tomorrow night at home, when they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. For today, though, we imagine they’re all getting a lot of good rest and focusing on the upcoming game.

We’ll kickoff the great defensive pairing debate tomorrow morning, but for today we want to spend it with friends and family. Some of us are gearing up to return to work, others are still on vacation, and some of us are probably hunched over a computer working furiously on a thesis (seriously, send Robert some good vibes!)

We hope 2018 is a good year for the community we have built here. Let’s start the year off right by promising to be kind to one another, respect differing opinions, not getting so #madonline, and igniting the passion for the Stars in others by letting our own passion shine through.

Have a happy 2018, everybody.