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Stars Prospects Blow 6-3 Lead in Traverse City, Lose to Blues Prospects 7-6 in Overtime

It was a very entertaining match-up between the St Louis Blues and Dallas Stars prospects. So much so, they gave us extra viewing time tonight.

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After losing 6-2 to the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first game of the Traverse City Prospect Tournament, the Dallas Stars looked to exact revenge in game two when they took on the St. Louis Blues prospect squad.

They did that — for a while. The Stars managed to build a 6-3 lead early in the third period.

It didn’t always look like they’d get there. Early on in the game, the Stars struggled to get out of their own zone cleanly. They had issues managing the puck, often making chip plays that would get cut off by the Blues at the blueline.

After recording the first shot on goal of the game, the Stars got heavily outshot by the Blues. They went down early to the Blues, but luckily, some efficient shooting late in the period would give the Stars a 3-1 lead at the end of one.

From the second period on, special teams became the storyline. In a four minute power play in the second period, the Stars managed to allow a shorthanded goal and then score two power play goals. Sadly, the penalty kill would be a large reason as to why the Stars allowed the Blues to get back into the game in the third period. The Stars would eventually blow a 6-3 lead and allow the game to get tied at six at the end of the third period.

In 3-on-3 overtime, the Stars had a few chances that seemed like might pan out, but never really got close to connecting. With less than a minute left in the overtime period, the Blues would seal away the win, with a final score of 7-6.

Some other observations:

  • John Nyberg looks calm with the puck a lot. He had a few instances in the game where he would look for an outlet pass, but when he didn’t find one that wasn’t super risky, he’d make the safe play instead. There was also one sequence where he had an extended shift in his own zone without a stick, and played the body nicely to keep puck carriers to the perimeter as much as he could.
  • Denis Gurianov had several good plays but couldn’t connect tonight. In one play, he was sprung with a mini-breakaway but simply ran out of runway trying to get the puck across his body for a shot. He really shined in overtime, with more ice to work with he was a sneaky, slick mover that was able to get right in front of the Blues goaltender without much hassle from Blues defenders that were too concentrated on the puck carrier at the blueline.
  • Shaw Boomhower has the best name in this tournament and I will not be convinced otherwise.
  • Gavin Bayreuther showed some leadership quality on the ice. Boomhower was entangled with a Blues prospect that tried to land a few punches on him, and Bayreuther came sliding right in and took the bigger guy on.