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Traverse City Prospect Tournament: Game 2 Open Thread

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Let’s talk prospects, college football, or whatever. Wooo Saturday night!

2015 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

For those in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, you should be able to stream the second Dallas Stars Traverse City Prospect Tournament game via Fox Sports Go online. You do have to have a cable subscription and sign in, though, so be aware of that. That link is here.

No word yet if the St. Louis Blues will offer a stream that isn’t geo-locked, but if they do we’ll update you with that link as well.

While we wait for the game to start at 6 PM CST, anybody doing any college football watching today? What teams/games have you had your eye on? I’m glad I took a nap after being up super early watching some English Premier League matches....feeling ready for this sports night.