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Defending Big D Signs 4 Free Agents For Upcoming NHL Season

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We’re bringing on some new talent, and saying goodbye to some dear friends.

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Managing Editor of Defending Big D, Taylor Baird, announced today the signing of four free agents for the upcoming NHL season.

“We’re always looking for new faces, fresh ideas, and passionate Stars fans to cover the team for the season. We all do this for fun, because we enjoy the sport and love to follow this team. I’m excited to get the season underway and see what they can bring to the team.”

Robert McClay will be joining the team as a feature writer. A Dallas area hockey product, and sometimes hockey coach, McClay played several games with the UNT hockey club team last season. He should bring a wealth of knowledge on the game of hockey, systems, analytics, and provide a view of plays from someone that played the game.

Micah Turman will be a utility player for the Defending Big D staff. A current University of Northern Colorado student, Turman will bring his youthful enthusiasm and flexible schedule as key assets for the team. He’ll dabble in keeping you apprised of morning skate happenings, post-game observations, and other stories that you’ll have to see to believe.

Double trouble comes to town with Tyler Mair and Adam Gaston join Kathleen on the Daily Links beat. Mair, a senior at the University of Texas, has a strong hockey base IQ and enjoys trolling the depths of the internet to bring the best hockey content to light. Gaston joins from the west coast, offering up insights in the darkest parts of the night while we are all resting easy for the day ahead. He’s also going to be a pinch hitter for those 9:30 PM starts that make some of us on staff drag at work the next day.

Please welcome them all aboard!

We wish Brad Gardner and Shawn Ladd the very best as they enjoy hockey retirement. And best wishes for good years for Erin as she embarks on her first year of medical school, and Robert as he continues his Masters program. They’ll still be around this year, though might be more limited in their roles as the season heats up.