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How We Can Help Those Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

While Dallas may be 400 miles away from the areas directly impacted, we’re here to do what we can for our fellow Texans.

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Many of us that are hockey fans liken it to being part of a sprawling family, one that reaches into all states/provinces/countries and across all socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

Today, our hockey family in Texas and Louisiana is hurting as Hurricane Harvey continues to dump rain and cause massive flooding and widespread damage in its wake. It is the most devastating hurricane to impact the Texas coast since 1961, and based on satellite imagery is nearly as large as Hurricane Katrina that left devastation in Louisiana 12 years ago.

Many across the hockey community have reached out to us to know how they can help those impacted. Dallas Stars fans located in the northern part of Texas and outside the area are asking what is needed right now as people try to get through this trying time.

While thoughts and prayers and positive vibes are, of course, always appreciated and welcomed, here are ways you can help those impacted in a material way:

  1. The Texas Diaper Bank can use monetary donations to provide diapers, formula and baby food to those impacted, items that are not often supplied by relief organizations. You can donate here:
  2. Trusted World assists with items that are not donated or in short supply. They partner with a number of organizations, increasing their reach and access for those impacted. You can donate here: and find a list of donation locations in the DFW metroplex:
  3. Red Cross of America is one of the first organizations in affected disaster areas. You can donate here:
  4. The Salvation Army has trucks mobilized and are distributing supplies for those impacted by the hurricane. You can donate here:
  5. Carter BloodCare will be sending blood to those areas impacted that have shortages to treat injuries. Here is a list of donation centers:
  6. Houston Food Bank will be providing food for many of those impacted, you can donate here:
  7. The North Texas Food Bank is providing food for those in evacuation shelters in the Dallas area. They don’t need food donations at this time but could use monetary donations to restock later. You can donate here:
  8. The SPCA of Texas is taking in displaced and abandoned animals, you can donate here:

We encourage you to give if you are so moved. If there are other organizations that you know of that need help, please post them and we’ll make sure to update this list as we hear of other ways to help. If you are in the Houston area and need emergency services, please see this list of critical numbers:

Police, Firefighters, Ambulance:
911 or 713-884-3131

City of Houston (Emergencies):
311 or 713-837-0311


Harris County:

Office of Emergency Management:

Houston American Red Cross:

Flood Control:

Houston TranStar (Transportation and Emergency Services):

We hope you stay safe, Texas.