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Regular Season Home Openers Released League Wide

What can we glean from home openers released around the league?

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season schedule for the Dallas Stars will be announced tomorrow. However, home openers are starting to come out today.

Dallas will get to play the new expansion team in their home opener on Friday, October 6th when the Vegas Golden Knights make their first appearance at the American Airlines Center. To add drama to the opening weekend, the Stars will then turnaround and play the St. Louis Blues in their home opener on Saturday, October 7th.

It will be Ken Hitchcock’s first game back in St. Louis after leaving the team in the middle of last year’s campaign. At least he’ll get to rip that band-aid off early on in the year, and get that narrative out of the way so he can focus on his season with the Stars.

A back-to-back to open the season — foreshadowing of a brutal regular season schedule or getting one of their back-to-backs out of the way early? Also, why does Dallas always seem to play in St. Louis on the second half of a back-to-back set? They did it in the majority of their games versus their Central Division foe last season. It’s getting kind of old, NHL schedule makers!

Other home openers around the league include:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are too cool for school and haven’t released their home opener. [Editorial Note: Finally known thanks to an NHL press release! Way to be last, Leafs]

Arizona Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche, and Philadelphia Flyers appear to start the season with at least 3 games in the first week of the season. Vegas will have a similar start to the season - welcome to the NHL.