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Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

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Repeat champs, or first-time winners? The DBD staff weighs the Penguins vs. the Predators.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Media Day
To make a prediction, pin it to the horrifying decapitated half-mannequin of your choice. (We’ll stand in the back and wait ’til you’re through.)
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The 2017 Stanley Cup Finals begin, and it’s time to choose between one ugly yellow uniform and another the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins and the upstart Nashville Predators. Who will triumph?...

Taylor: No back-to-back Cup winners, please. NBC and the NHL already shoves the Pens in my face enough as it is. I like the swagger of the Preds, and the beauty that would be P.K. Subban taking the Cup to Montreal the season after being traded is just too enticing. Predators in 7.

Erin: Both teams come into this series beat to hell and back, with Nashville probably having the short end of the stick as far as talent out of the lineup. Still, the Penguins have had an objectively easier path (by virtue of their regular-season success) and struggled more. Pittsburgh will be given breaks because they are Pittsburgh, but I think their lackluster performances catch up to them. Predators in 7.

Robert: Nashville has a forward corps of a bunch of half-popped corn kernels, then Viktor Arvidsson and Filip Forsberg. Pittsburgh's defense is just a wad of foil masquerading as Dallas’ defense from 2014 without Alex Goligoski. Put all 40 players together, and you'd have one great roster. As it is, Predators in 6, because defense wins championships, unless it doesn't.

Wes: Pour one out for Ryan Johansen. After saying everything we all feel about Ryan Kesler (who got RUN OVER #fancystats), the Nashville pivot suffered a nasty, Cup-altering injury. Without him, the Preds’ superlative defense will be able to keep things close, but I wonder where they'll find the goals. Pekka Rinne will need to be Round 1 or Round 2 vintage, and I just don't think he's got it in him. Penguins in 6.

Ann: And it was all yellow.... Pittsburgh has the offense, Nashville has the defense, the goaltending feels like a toss-up. In the end, I gotta go with defense. Predators in 7.

Derek: The Penguins touched the Prince Of Wales Trophy, so now that means that they have to win, right? They've also been here before, which gives them an edge. Nashville will score at least one euphoric win at home, but Rinne has been fading all playoffs and the Pens will get to him too. Penguins in 6.

Kathleen: Nashville and their two top defensive pairs vs. Pittsburgh and their killer offense. Will this come down to a goalie duel? It could go either way, but I'll put my buck on Battle Level: Rinne. Predators in 6.

Staff Favorite - Predators picked to win by five of seven staffers.