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NHL Draft 2017: Dallas Stars Will Choose 3rd in June

The New Jersey Devils will pick first for the first time since 1979, and the Philadelphia Flyers get the runner-up spot.

NHL Draft Lottery 2017 order

Friends, have you heard the word of Raptor Jesus today?

Rich Peverley was at the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery to represent the Dallas Stars, and you could witness the divine intervention at work as the Victory Green vaulted from a projected No. 8 draft placement to No. 3 overall.

The New Jersey Devils scored the big prize of first overall, with the Philadelphia Flyers getting No. 2.

The Colorado Avalanche, this year’s worst team in the league, will choose at No. 4, while the unfortunate Arizona Coyotes slid all the way back to No. 7, behind the interloper Vegas Golden Knights.

The Detroit Red Wings, participating in their first draft lottery, will choose at No. 9.

So now come even bigger questions. If potential franchise centers Nolan Patrick and Nico Hischier are off the board, as presumably they will be, will GM Jim Nill go for another high-ceiling pivot in Casey Mittelstadt or Cody Glass? Or will he look for a breakout blueliner and potential 1LD like Miro Heiskanen?

Or is that ticket good enough to buy a trade for a proven starting goalie?

Let’s discuss.

The full lottery results:

1 New Jersey Devils

2 Philadelphia Flyers

3 Dallas Stars

4 Colorado Avalanche

5 Vancouver Canucks

6 Vegas Golden Knights

7 Arizona Coyotes

8 Buffalo Sabres

9 Detroit Red Wings

10 Florida Panthers

11 Los Angeles Kings

12 Carolina Hurricanes

13 Winnipeg Jets

14 Tampa Bay Lightning

15 New York Islanders