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2017 NHL Stanley Cup Predictions: Ducks, Predators Favorites To Advance in West

It’s the second round today after two days of playoff-less living.

NHL: Nashville Predators at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If I was a betting woman, I’d probably use Robert’s picks to set some bets on the second round. He was the only one that picked the Nashville Predators to sweep the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round, while many of us didn’t see Chicago not advancing to begin with.

But, none of us really saw the Minnesota Wild going out as quickly as they did in the first round, so maybe don’t trust us when it comes to the Blues in the playoffs either.

To be honest, among the 40 staff picks in the West for round 1, there were maybe three that had the winner and games right. So maybe keep that $10 in your pocket and tell us for free who you’re rooting for in the second round.

If you’re really wanting to spend that $10, though, I’ll gladly accept some buying of grocery store-bought flowers and putting them on random people’s windshields to perk up their Wednesday.

Anaheim Ducks vs Edmonton Oilers

Taylor: Ready for that second round draft pick to become a first. Ducks in 6.

Erin: I told y'all the Oilers were like the 1997 Oilers. San Jose was weather beaten, and the Ducks are a little fresher and have the power of the Major General's beard. Young and dumb can go far in the playoffs, but Edmonton won't have the same space this series. Ducks in 7.

Robert: Randy Carlyle is doing his best first-half Tortorella impression, but it turns out the Ducks are the literal worst and I want them to suffer. Also this is based on my extensive hockey knowledge which I don't have space to expand upon here. Oilers in 4.

Ann: The Oilers (to me) are like that ex boyfriend that got a haircut and suddenly learned to dress himself, so I'm having trouble wishing good things to them, even against the Ducks. Also, if the Ducks advance we get a pick. Based on that blistering analysis, Ducks in 6.

Wes: Hey, look, it's the one team I picked correctly in the West's first round (Anaheim). The Ducks have a pretty goal differential (14 GF / 9 GA), but if you throw out the 7-goal laugher, so do the Oilers (12 GF / 7 GA). McDavid will McDavid, but Anaheim isn't as beat up as the Sharks were. Quack Pack in 6

David: Anaheim is one of the most underrated bluelines in the league even without Fowler. With Corey Perry in the Kessel role, they have a legitimate top nine I see exploiting Edmonton's Hall-for-D. Annabelle and Flying V's in 6.

Melissa: Cam Fowler's return, which could come as early as Game 1, gives the Ducks a boost, but I'm still only typing this for Annabelle. Ducks in 6.

Derek: Is it real? Am I dreaming? The Oilers...won a playoff series? Edmonton has more skill and better goaltending, so with an old playoff demon now exorcised, they're in a great position to take a big step forward. Anaheim will put up a tough fight, though. Oilers in 7.

Mike: As well as Edmonton played, I still think the Ducks could be too much for them. Edmonton will give Anaheim a tough six games. Ducks in 6.

Huw: Yes, the Oilers got through the first round but I think the Ducks are too good for them to advance any further. Ducks in 6.

St. Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators

Taylor: I may not like the color but I like their swagger. Predators in 5.

Erin: I think we should just call this series "goaltending" after what happened in the first round, though at least Nashville was the better team. Can Jake Allen continue to withstand an onslaught when the team isn't as one dimensional offensively? Predators in 5.

Robert: Jake Allen probably isn't Prometheus, and the Perds don't have scoring depth. If we're lucky, they'll both lose, but let's say Blues in 7. (Hitch gets a ring if they win it all, right?)

Ann: None of my jokes here will be as funny as Robert's. The Preds will be riding a high of sweeping the Blackhawks and I don't see the Blues derailing that. Predators in 6.

Wes: I picked with my head in round one, not my P.K. Subban-loving heart. I'm worried Rinne will turn into a pumpkin, but his defense is so very good. I'm worried that Minnesota was a regular-season mirage and the Blues are secretly very meh. This one goes down to the wire. Predators in 7.

David: Nashville is better with PK than with Weber? Who could have seen that coming? Johansen, Arvidsson, and Forsberg with any of Nashville's top four blueliners is a force of Cthulhu's nature. Predators in 5.

Melissa: Jake Allen can't be that good forever, right? Riding the confidence wave from sweeping Chicago, Filip Forsberg and P.K. Subban both manage to crack the goaltender's armor. Predators in 6.

Derek: I'm still not sold on Jake Allen as a goaltender that can survive an entire playoff run, and the Predators, after rolling over Chicago, will put up a lot more offense than the Wild did. P.K. Subban is going to be a force of nature in this series. Predators in 6.

Mike: It is hard to go against a team that just swept the mighty Blackhawks, but I think I'm going to. There could be a letdown from Nashville after an emotional sweep. Plus, Jake Allen played at a different level against Minnesota. Blues in 5.

Huw: The Predators netminding was really impressive in the first round against the Blackhawks. The Blues will put up a good fight but I think the Preds goaltending will be the decisive factor. Predators in 6.