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Player Grade: Greg Pateryn Was Definitely a Dallas Stars Player This Year

Let’s grade Greg.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It’s important to note that Greg Pateryn came to the Dallas Stars in a less-than-ideal situation.

First, he came as something of an “also, this guy” sort of piece in the surprising Jordie Benn trade for the Habs’ fourth-round pick, which hardly endeared him to anyone. Folks were surprised as it was that Jordie had been shipped out, and the early word on Pateryn was that he was essentially a right-handed Patrik Nemeth with a better slap shot. It wasn’t the most Jim Nill of Jim Nill trades, Kris Russell notwithstanding.

Furthermore, Pateryn had the misfortune of benefiting from Lindy Ruff’s lame duck vendetta against Stephen Johns, finding himself holding down the third pairing (and some nights, the second) during games where many fans were steamed to see a big right-hander not named Stephen playing defense. It’s tough to be known as “no, he’s the other guy.”

Also, I thought I’d point out that over the previous three years, Hockey Reference’s similarity scores show a strong resemblance between Greg Pateryn and Jon Klemm. That just feels right, somehow.

Anyway, what did the Stars acquire in the person of Greg Pateryn? Well, in 12 games, he logged three assists, posted slightly negative (-1.6) relative shot-differentials while playing more defensive-zone shifts than average, and he averaged 17:31 in total ice time per game. Jordie Benn, by way of contrast, averaged 18:37 per game before his departure to the Great White North.

In other words, Greg Pateryn came to Dallas, played some heavy-ish third-pairing minutes and saw some PK time, and he did okay.

Greg is 6’3”, 220lbs, and he will turn 27 in June, which means he probably doesn’t have a huge breakout season in his back pocket or anything. One would hope that Ken Hitchcock will at least consider a right side of Klingberg, Honka and Johns next year, but who knows what he will do? We can debate the defense, but that is not what this post is for. This is to talk about Greg, who will also be on the team next year unless something changes.

Pateryn came to Dallas, and he played all right. He played rather well with Jamie Oleksiak, in fact, as this chart that I stole from an internet website shows:

greg is on a chart

I mean, it’s not exactly something you’d frame, but that description could also fit any chart for the entire Dallas defense this season, which allowed quite a bit more offense than it created. But Pateryn and Oleksiak are both larger-ish, and that means that, if they play all right, fans get to feel good about having big bodies on the back end. Fans like them some big hits, even if those hits are taking place in your own end.

In my infinite wisdom (or at least, more wisdom than you), I give Greg a solid B for his season in Dallas, such as it was. I may be grading on a grad school curve, but Greg showed up and kinda did okay at what he was supposed to do. Maybe that means a C if you’re talking about straight average play, but heck, he did something that Ruff liked more than what Johns was doing, so good on Greg for figuring out how to get ice time. That’s what you gotta do as a 5-7 d-man in this league if you want to dress for the games.

What do I know, though? Y’all go ahead and tell me: what grade would you give Greg for his season in Dallas this year?


Grade Greg

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    C, for Clinging to Mediocrity
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  • 13%
    D, for Definitely not being Jordie Benn
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    K, for clearly being the reincarnation of Jon Klemm
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