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Stars PK Fails Again, Dallas Drop 5-2 Decision to Ottawa Senators

Ottawa’s 22nd ranked power play made quick work of the Stars tonight at the AAC.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks were fun. Winning five of seven was fun. The trade deadline, though not the outcome many wishes, was still “fun”. The Dads trip was fun. Adding Ales Hemsky and Remi Elie has been fun.

Oh, good times.

Tonight was kind of the “Alright now, settle down” of hockey games. Urinating in the bowl of Cheerios. All of 2016-2017’s greatest hits returned.

...Hits like:

  • Penalty kill issues
  • Goaltending issues
  • Changing goaltenders
  • Long periods of dominance with no offense to show
  • Offensive zone penalties
  • Mistakes by young defensemen
  • Sticks not on the ice
  • Penalty kill issues

Yes, they were all there tonight, and it’s a shame. They started the game like they were shot out of the old metaphorical cannon and pummeled the Sens with quality chances and a sort of ferocious rage that had the makings of ‘unexpected delight’ written all over it.

For about nine minutes, anyway. They put 23 pucks toward the Ottawa net in those nine minutes as they buzzed. The remaining 11 minutes of the period would see them try just twice, after a Jamie Oleksiak penalty changed the vibe.

Ottawa took a 2-0 lead to intermission on a goal that Kari Lehtonen had no chance of saving, and one that he probably did. The second period featured much the same, until it suddenly didn’t.

Stars Senators

This is the black-hole-of-despair sandwich that can be the Dallas Stars. Two periods of dominant possession and unrelenting offensive pressure book-ending just... nothing... in the middle, during which the opposition gets theirs while the Stars get next-to-nothing.

^^Pretty much.

So this season continues to be this season, and why any of this surprises me or raises my ire is hopefully of an indictment of how much I love Dallas Stars hockey and not my intelligence or understanding of things over which I can exercise zero control.

Say what you want about Jamie Oleksiak- And some of that in the early going was brutal. The penalty was unnecessary and he was standing right in front of diminutive Pageau when he scored the third Ottawa goal- Not good, but he’s doing a lot of good with the puck on his stick when he’s using his feet. I don’t know if that means anything in the long run- His possession numbers are still bad. He is more pleasing to the eye, generally, that once he was. My two cents.

Remi Elie gets his first NHL point and then gets to play with Tyler Seguin for a while after dishing one to him. Lindy Ruff and his meritocracy in full swing there.

Jason Spezza scored on the power play in the third period but by then it was too late. The Stars had a chance early to take a lead on one and couldn’t, and had a chance to get one back in the second and couldn’t. By then the special teams battle on the night was already lost.

The lovely Johns/Niemi weird bounce combination to give the 19th ranked offense in the league its fifth goal on the night was just the nice kick in the crotch we needed to deflate completely.

And Kari Lehtonen was not happy. No, sir. He was not a happy boy at all.

Enjoy a pun, and then forget any of this ever happened: