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New York Islanders Surge Past Dallas Stars 5-4

The Stars best players were their best players tonight and also they were a combined -8.

NHL: New York Islanders at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

That was not boring.

At this point, for the fans, the only thing the Dallas Stars can really do to you (at you? in your general vicinity?) is either entertain you for about 20 more games, or they can not.

And that was not boring.

That’s the good news. Along with Jamie Benn scoring two more goals, Jason Spezza breaking dude’s ankles and John Klingberg performing Jedi mind tricks on fools.

All of those things happened tonight. Those are positive things. They are entertaining things. I’ll throw the big one out there, even- They didn’t allow a power play goal!

Good things all over the place. All true.

You know what else is true? Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza and John Klingberg combined for three goals and four assists tonight- A nice haul. Very nice.

And they were a combined -8 on the night.


Which is not what we thought we’d chat about as we continue to feed this dead horse through a meat grinder, at this point. We thought we’d be chatting about (hold on I need to see how to spell his last name and what his first name is entirely...) Greg Pateryn, for one. He had a couple of nice moments, though ultimately ends his night -7 on shot attempts while on ice.

Or, heck, Ales Hemsky. He burst forth from the IR list like he was shot out of a cannon and started doing weird Hemsky things almost immediately, and really was one of the better forwards in the first, I thought.

They he got hit with a puck and though he continued on, his Hemsky-ness was neutered. We’ll see if he’s hurt. That wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Just like Antoine Roussel leaving the game after also being struck with one of New York’s many, many shots on goal. Let’s wait and see on that, too.

More of the same. So the young d-men did their best, and new bizarro line combos may continue to dissect, but now a new rash of injuries takes the joy out of that. So the heck with our narratives, it’s just more frustration.

Too bad, too, because the Stars really matched the desperate Islanders well through two periods and watching Evil Jamie Benn continue his tear is at least fun. I am calling him Evil Jamie Benn until the facial hair goes away, btw.

But the third period was not fun, and that’s where the Stars fell asleep and got steam rolled when the assignment was “keep things boring, you’re up 3-2 after two in a 3-2 league.” The Stars don’t live in the same “3-2” universe as everyone else does, though, as we know.

Ultimately it was a crazy bounce off the end boards on a terrible shot that proved the difference. Why such mascots vying to represent this doomed season in a single moment are pouring out of the wood work even now escapes us, but that was just mean.

Recapping all the goals would seem tedious at this point. The horse is dead, as I say. The home stand was fun. They score well there. They have a chance to win there. Their road-heavy March is hear now, however, and it’s one of the factors that sapped hope away before the deadline. They don’t do well on the road.

First line center Cody Eakin and his mates Seguin and Benn were a combined -42 in 5-on-5 Corsi tonight. That show goes on the road now. At least we have this...