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Dallas Stars Shelled By Edmonton Oilers

They let the Oilers score a touchdown and convert the extra point.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars were absolutely shelled tonight by the Edmonton Oilers. Not completely unexpected when a team that’s all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs is playing a team that’s fighting to maintain their playoff position.

Plenty of the goals against could be placed at the feet of different positions: defensemen not cutting off passing lanes or clearing the front of the net, forwards caught chasing the puck and blowing their coverage assignments in the defensive zone, goaltending with some questionable positioning at times.

They had seven hung on them. There’s no point in breaking it all down. The entire team effort was not good enough, much like Sunday night’s game in San Jose when they lost 5-1.

They’re leading the league in all the wrong kind of stats - goals against, shorthanded goals, penalty kill ineffectiveness. The leaders in the locker room will need to figure out a way to motivate the team and generate some positive trends to end the season and give the organization a positive base to work from starting in camp next year.

The Game In One Video

Super Serious Analysis

The Dallas Stars have allowed 227 total goals against this season, which is dead last in the league (for tonight, anyway — the Winnipeg Jets have allowed 223 and the Colorado Avalanche have allowed 221, so it’s possible they could not finish last when the regular season is done....)

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